The Acropolis

Europe has been full of beautiful cathedrals and stunning works of Christian art. Although interesting and enjoyable, Greece was a wonderful change of pace with its fascinating culture and mythology. Of course, the Acropolis is the literal pinnacle of city, rich with historical sites and wonders. There is not really anything like what we see … More The Acropolis


Budapest Culture

In every city we visit, we try to start our first few days by joining a “free walking tour” of the city to familiarize ourselves with a succinct history lesson, areas of town, and a local’s perspective on places to see and where to eat. The history in Budapest is hard to summarize in just … More Budapest Culture

Welcome to Hungary!

HELLLOOOOO HUNGARY!! Going from the nice warm Croatia to the wintery Budapest wasn’t easy, but we loved our time in Hungary! I bought a nice new, fluffy hat and we ventured out to take on the winter season in style.  Hungary isn’t always at the top of everyone’s “Europe to do List” BUT IT SHOULD … More Welcome to Hungary!