Prague: Castle District

Situated on a hill above all else in Prague is the Prague Castle.  When you hear the name, you assume there is a castle involved, but that is not in fact the case.  On the grounds of a former castle sits the entire “castle district” made up of a stunning cathedral, a quaint village of … More Prague: Castle District


New Town Prague, CZ

As the names might suggest, Old Town Prague has the quaint charm you expect, while New Town Prague has the booming economy and modernness of a much larger metropolitan area.  The architecture in the New Town areas is still distinctly European, but more sleek, modern, and cubist than the Old Town section. Today, we will … More New Town Prague, CZ

Jewish History + Communism in the Czech Republic

During our travels, we like to keep our tales light. We hope to hold your interest with a new fact about a foreign land or make you laugh with a story about silly Americans abroad.  However, we are getting into a region of the world where it isn’t all fun stories and cute photos.  The places we are visiting now … More Jewish History + Communism in the Czech Republic