Venice: The Sights

The sights and sounds of Venice are found just wandering the streets and crossing bridges over the canals.  There are however, some sights that are more popular to seek out. They are crowded, but they are still some must-see spots on the list!   The Grand Canal: I know I’ve mentioned this one before, but the … More Venice: The Sights

Ortigia: Wrapping up our Sicilian Adventure

One of our favorite places in Sicily, unfortunately, is the one we have the LEAST photos from. We don’t have tons to share, but couldn’t leave out this adorable city from our Sicilian stories. Right outside of Siracusa, there is a little island called Ortigia.  Ortigia is filled with boutique shops and restaurants while being right … More Ortigia: Wrapping up our Sicilian Adventure

Sicily: Ragusa Ibla

Welcome to Ragusa Ibla! When we told our families we were heading to Sicily next, Brad’s grandma filled us in on a little family history. We always knew his family had Italian roots, but she told us the exact lineage traces back to Ragusa, a small town in Sicily. So we made sure to schedule a … More Sicily: Ragusa Ibla

Marzamemi, Sicily

We spent today in a tiny seaside fishing town called Marzamemi. The sea was, of course, beautiful, even though the beach is made from a few hundred layers of squishy seaweed. Marzamemi is known for being a fisherman’s town with stone structures that have been standing for hundreds of years.  The same buildings have been on … More Marzamemi, Sicily