Ortigia: Wrapping up our Sicilian Adventure


One of our favorite places in Sicily, unfortunately, is the one we have the LEAST photos from. We don’t have tons to share, but couldn’t leave out this adorable city from our Sicilian stories.


Right outside of Siracusa, there is a little island called Ortigia.  Ortigia is filled with boutique shops and restaurants while being right on the coast with stunning sea views.


While in town, you can’t miss the ruins of the Temple of Apollo. They take up about a city block and are pretty cool to walk around!



Right outside of the Temple of Apollo area you will find tons of street markets with clothes, souvenirs, handbags, and FISH. So much fish! Including ginormous swordfish being cut up right there on the street.



As all Sicilian towns do, Ortigia has it’s own Duomo. The exterior is typical Sicilian baroque architecture and the interior is simple with stone walls and a wooden ceiling.



When in Ortigia, you will spend majority of your time eating amazing food and exploring local shops and art galleries. It is seriously the cutest town with tiny winding streets and tons of shops to explore! Steps outside the restaurants are stairs down to rocky areas and even some little beaches!

Grab yourself a granita and head to Ortigia!

(Woah! That rhymed!)





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