Strasbourg: The Food!

We hope you have liked our recent photos and stories, but we know what you really want to know… you want the dish on the cuisine… (see what I did there…!) Strasbourg is right on the border of Germany and France, and has changed ownership a few times over the years. Because of this, the city’s … More Strasbourg: The Food!

Colorful Colmar

Speckled up and down the Alsace region are adorable little towns. Besides Strasbourg, Colmar is one of those towns we had been dying to see. Colmar is popular for a reason. It is full of shops, restaurants, museums, and brightly colored tudor houses. After a quick 30 minute train ride, we began our day with … More Colorful Colmar

Baden Baden

STORY TIME! Back in December, I was racking my brain over what to get Brad for his birthday. We were prepping for this trip.. all our stuff was in boxes.. we were down to one car and no real “home” and I was running low on ideas. I settled on a day trip from Strasbourg to … More Baden Baden

The Strasbourg Cathedral

You round the corner on Rue Mercière and you realize the sunlight was just blocked. You look up and BAM. There it is. The crown jewel of Strasbourg. The beautiful and overwhelmingly large Strasbourg Cathedral dominates the end of the street. Hell, it dominates the entire island of Grand Ile. You can see it from almost everywhere… … More The Strasbourg Cathedral

Strasbourg: The Sights

Hello Friends! We are beginning our second week here in Strasbourg. We feel like we have been here MUCH longer than a week, in a good way! We are very comfortable here. We walk around for hours each day, exploring the streets, seeing the sights, and visiting lots of local museums. The weather has been awful, … More Strasbourg: The Sights