Sicily: Noto Antica & Siracusa

Well, it’s been another few weeks in Sicily and thankfully we haven’t melted yet! We have come close, but a few rainy days gave us some much needed reprieve from the heat. Today, we explore two small cities close to where we are staying. The first is called Noto Antica and is actually the original … More Sicily: Noto Antica & Siracusa


Marzamemi, Sicily

We spent today in a tiny seaside fishing town called Marzamemi. The sea was, of course, beautiful, even though the beach is made from a few hundred layers of squishy seaweed. Marzamemi is known for being a fisherman’s town with stone structures that have been standing for hundreds of years.  The same buildings have been on … More Marzamemi, Sicily

Sicily: One Day in Palermo

Our last “vacation-from-the-vacation” day was spent in Palermo. Palermo has a reputation for mafia involvement, baroque architecture, and crazy-hectic streets. Although we didn’t have any run-ins with the mob… the beauty of the architecture and the craziness of the city definitely made an appearance. The architecture was so different than the rest of Europe. It has … More Sicily: One Day in Palermo