Sicily: Cliff Jumping in Cassible

Quick, fun post today!

Brad captured this wave trying to eat me!!

Around the corner from our house in Sicily is a little local beach named Cassible.  The beach is absolutely lovely!

The sand is soft, fluffy, and seaweed free (my favorite!)  The water is warm and clear as crystal.  And the vibe is chill and local.



One of our favorite part about Cassible Beach is the secret (but, not-so-secret) jumping spot.

On our first day in Sicily, our host showed us this spot and we came back to jump many times during our trip!  Lou-Dawg, of course, came with us with an awesome doggie setup on the rocks 😉





We loved setting up on the rocks in the morning and watching the waves crash (sometimes on us!) Brad really loved doing some snorkeling off the coastline and watching the fishies down at the bottom. At times, the waves here got really strong and big and came really high up onto the rocks- it got a little more dangerous, but a little more fun 😉



Because GoPros and Selfie Sticks allow us to do pretty much anything, we were able to capture some unique cliff jumping pictures!


The cliff jumping area at Cassible became a little favorite spot of ours, and a perfect way to wrap up the summer! It was HOT HOT HOT and we were so happy to have such a fun way to cool down.



Caio for now!







8 thoughts on “Sicily: Cliff Jumping in Cassible

  1. Any chance you’d be able to point this spot out on a map? Heading to Sicily soon and I’d love to give cliff jumping a try while there!!!


    1. Hey Ryan,

      What part of Sicily will you be visiting? This was out near Avola, hopefully, this link works to show you the spot.

      It’s an odd little dirt road entrance on the western side of the road the hairpin turns under the bridge and through a grove of trees. . You’ll have to pay to park but I forget how much.

      Or you can park here for free and walk it in… it takes a few minutes though.

      To get the cliffs you’ll follow a path from the south side of the beach through the tree line. It’s private property so be respectful and out of the fields.


      1. We’re going in July and will be touring the whole island. Thanks for the locators! They pin pointed the spot right on the money!!


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