Prague: Castle District

Situated on a hill above all else in Prague is the Prague Castle.  When you hear the name, you assume there is a castle involved, but that is not in fact the case.  On the grounds of a former castle sits the entire “castle district” made up of a stunning cathedral, a quaint village of old buildings and houses, a basilica, an Old Royal Palace, and a bunch of food stands and cafes.

Visiting the castle district is a full day activity, starting as early as you can! We got there as soon as it opened, and the line took up the entire square.  The line moves swiftly, as it is really just a security check, but I would get there early to take advantage of the day!



Early morning line


St. Vitus Cathedral:

The main sight to see in the Prague Castle District is the St. Vitus Cathedral.  This massive church is a distinct part of the Prague skyline and is huge and beautiful.



It was founded in 1344, but took so many years to complete that is shows signs of all kinds of architectural movements (gothic, baroque, Renaissance, etc).  The cathedral is made of spires and sculptures depicting biblical figures and scenes and houses the remains of many past Czech leaders.  It is a tall and narrow cathedral and should not be missed when visiting Prague.




Old Royal Palace:

The Old Royal Palace is exactly what it’s name implies.  It served as the home for many members of Czech Royal Families from the 10th century onwards. The main hall, Vladislav Hall (pictured below) is breathtaking.  When you exit the hall, you can tour many other side rooms filled with memorabilia from royal life, knight’s armor, books that are hundreds of years old, and collections of weaponry.



Collections of armor 
View from the Old Royal Palace


St. George’s Basilica:


The basilica is an interesting stop on our tour.  It is beautiful, but simple, and is basically an old stone church that has been standing on castle grounds since the 10th century.  Your ticket to the castle grounds includes all these sights, so it is definetly worth a tour.  The simplicity and natural light make you feel warm and welcomed.




After touring the big sights, head back out to the castle grounds and treat yourself to some live music by local musicians and maybe a sausage from the food stands.  It is a very vibrant and lively environment! You will even find a statue of a local boy that thousands of immature tourists touch for luck on the way by… bet you’ll never guess where..



Yup. That’s my husband as a Czech Guard.


I leave you today with a shot of Brad choosing his next car 😉


Keep Dreaming, Love 🙂



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