Dubrovnik, Croatia: Inside the Walls

Dubrovnik, Croatia has been on my travel bucket list for so, so long. I don’t even know why or how. Someday, a long time ago, I came across someone’s travel article about this beautiful, colorful walled city and couldn’t get it out of my mind.  In fact, I have a distinct memory of Skyping with my dad and stepmom back in 2015 and the conversation went something like this:

us:  “hey we wanna travel around Europe for a year”

them: “cool, where do you wanna go? Paris? Rome?”

us: “Of course! Plus like.. Dubrovnik!”

dad: “Where the hell is Dubrovnik?”

us: “Croatia!”

dad: “Why would you wanna go there?”

us: “Google image search it right now!!!”


I’m not kidding. That’s how it went down. And here we are and it’s just as fabulous in person!



As you may know, many European cities had a fortification wall at some point in their history. Dubrovnik is one of the few cities that still has that wall, pretty much completely intact.  To enter the Old City at all, you have to cross over a literal drawbridge and under a stone archway. It looks like you are walking into a castle.. but in fact.. it’s an entire city.



When you cross into the walled city, the tourists are a plenty, but so are the restaurants, bars, museums, shops, and historic buildings! The stone walkways are shiny and slippery from the millions of people that have walked these streets.  The whole concept of a walled city is interesting and different.




One thing you definetly won’t miss when inside the walled area is the crazy amount of stairs. Everything is essentially built on a hillside, so stairs are a way of life.  Our apartment was up nearly ten landings that kept going and going and going. Poor Brad lugged our suitcases up what seemed like an endless amount of stairs. Yes, I did try and help but it was pointless. And yes, I did take pictures.

The door to our apartment is just out of view here!

Every little alleyway is home to a cafe or two. Every set of stairs has cushions lining the sides for you to sip a coffee from a stairstep.  This city is so unique in it’s setup and it’s interesting history.  It also sits on a STUNNING coastline with endless access to watersports, boat rides, pebble beaches, and island hopping. (More on that on another blog post!)


We will leave you with a final video clip of the crowded main square, giving you another intro to Dubrovnik!  PS- Yes. This is where they film Game of Thrones.


One thought on “Dubrovnik, Croatia: Inside the Walls

  1. Super post! We were in Croatia in late October so things were slowing down, the weather was colder and grayer, but still loved the country and especially Dubrovnik! Your pictures with the sunshine are really awesome! You can check out our Balkan trip here: https://topochinesvino.com/2016/11/06/ive-a-feeling-were-not-in-croatia-anymore/ This is from the last days of our trip but links to previous articles are also in there if you like what you see and want to read more.


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