Pirate Ships in Croatia


There are tons of day trips you can take from the center of Dubrovnik.  There are actually travel agencies set up along the main drag of the city with intriguing displays making you want to travel all over the area.  One of the day trips we took was an island hopping adventure to nearby islands Koločep, Šipan and Lopud.  Oh yeah, and it was on a Pirate Ship.



The ship itself is called the Tirena and is an exact replica of an old fishing ship from the Croatian ports.  The package you buy includes visits to all three islands, pick up and drop from your hotel, and a fresh fish lunch on the boat.  The boat was packed with musicians who played guitars and accordions during your time on the ship.



The stops on the islands were just long enough to walk through the flowers and orchards, do a short hike, or relax on the beach.  We did nice little walks to viewpoints to check out the stunning scenery below.



Back on the boat we met people from all around the world and listened to the fun music while sailing onto the next island.



During one of our island stops, we hiked to a little cove. It was beautiful and we had a great time finding all the sea urchins on the rocks below.



Look at that handsome husband!

During our last stop, we walked all the way across the island to a giant, gorgeous beach! We rented a chair and I felt so absolutely relaxed lounging on the chair watching Brad swimming out in the clear sea!



If you are looking for a fun, unique trip around the beautiful Elafiti Islands, check out the day trip offered by Elite Travel Croatia! There are lots of trips out there, but Elite is the only one that uses a pirate ship with lunch and live music!

Writing this, we are freezing cold and wishing we were back on this amazing beach!



7 thoughts on “Pirate Ships in Croatia

  1. LOL there aren’t pirate ship are there? Besides in the old days, the Venetian navy will mince them pirates out of the water! Eh wait, the Venetians actually controlled much of the Dalmatian coast!


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