Marzamemi, Sicily


We spent today in a tiny seaside fishing town called Marzamemi. The sea was, of course, beautiful, even though the beach is made from a few hundred layers of squishy seaweed.


Marzamemi is known for being a fisherman’s town with stone structures that have been standing for hundreds of years.  The same buildings have been on this ground since the 1600s, and they now house tons of adorable boutiques and restaurants.



I am obsessed with this flowerpot/distressed door combo. I WANT THIS at my non-existent house.


In town, there are old tuna processing plants, wine-transport stations, and boat storage areas.  Although those aren’t there anymore, seafood is still the main export from this tiny town. Typical products from this area are tuna, smoked swordfish, and almonds.





A blog post wouldn’t be complete without a food feature! Tried our first real Italian cannoli and they were such a nice treat! Brad had a proper cannolo filled with ricotta, rolled in pistachios, but mine was filled with hazelnut gelato instead of ricotta. Both were delicious! Fun Fact: The singular, cannolo, means “little tube!”



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