Mondello, Sicily: A Proper Vacation!

Ciao da Italia!

After coming back from the wedding of a lifetime in Virginia, Brad and I took off a week of work to have a proper vacation. I know, I know.. I can hear it now. “Hasn’t this whole trip been one big vacation?” In a way it has but we took four days off work to have some real relax and rejuvenate time in the beautiful Mondello, Sicily. (Italy)


We stayed at the most darling B&B you could ever imagine. Honestly, I have always had a kind of “B&B FEAR.” The Gilmore Girls episode about the B&B “The Cheshire Cat” scared me into hating B&Bs for fear of having an overwhelming amount of ruffly curtains, fat cats on the stairs, and strange bonding with other guests. (I ate the fuzzy certz!)

This B&B however was super modern with contemporary rooms, friendly but not overbearing owners, a delicious breakfast and an awesome pool. We spent our first three days on vacation just hanging at the beach, taking silly pictures in the pool, and trying Italian desserts. Check out the B&B here if you are so inclined:   WOOPWOOP


The beach itself was so… crazy. I’m not even sure how to describe it. Mondello is famous because of the mountains in the background, the warm and clear water, and the softest sand on Earth. However, because of it’s fame, it is PACKED. Also, most Italians get the month of August off work and they all head down to Sicily for vacation. I have never been on a beach so crowded in my life. Worse than Myrtle, worse than Daytona, worse than them all combined. When we put our towel down we were absolutely 100% always touching someone else’s towel. It was crazy. Beautiful beach, but so crowded that we spent most of our time in the water!

See the craziness on the beach back there?

When we weren’t at the beach, we were relaxing with a drink at the pool. Since there were only 5 other people at the B&B, we had a ton of pool time without facing screaming kids or crowds. Brad had recently built us a clear dome to fit overtop of our GoPro, allowing us to get some cool “half-above-water, half-below-water” pictures. So we basically played around with that for ages and had some gelato in between! 🙂 Tons of pool pics coming at ya!



Such a cool lens feature!
How cool?!
Brad’s dive

A very chill blog post, I know, but that’s what vacations are all about! I will leave you with the most important part…

Our B&B owner kept saying “you have to try the ice cream in the bread!” And we were like uhhhh. Apparently a Sicilian treat is a big ol’ scoop (or 3) of gelato served in a brioche.. basically an open hamburger bun. You eat the ice cream.. IN the hamburger bun. It was very odd, but tasty. The gelato itself was TO. DIE. FOR. Pistachio for me and hazelnut for Brad.

CHECK OUT THOSE PORTIONS! I have never been served so much gelato in my life. We didn’t finish them and got so sick! But YUMMMM.



6 thoughts on “Mondello, Sicily: A Proper Vacation!

  1. Your description of the beach kind of sounds like Jamie’s description of south Jersey beaches during prime time in the summer. Crowded! Your pics make it look stunning, though. Glad the B&B experience was positive.

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