Madrid: Chillin’ Out Max Relaxin’ All Cool

There are a few things we have come to love about extended traveling. On a typical weekend or even weeklong vacation, you have just enough time to run from sight to sight and grab a few local meals in between. It’s still amazing that you took the trip, saw a new culture, and experienced a new place… but perhaps it felt a little… rushed?

Since we are so fortunate to not have to rush as much these days, we have a little more down-time and really get to see what it’s like to LIVE in these places.. not just visit for a few days.


In Madrid, we have seen a lot of the sights. We have gone to shows and cultural events (more on that later) and we have tried lots of new foods! But we have a few hours each morning before work to get out there and enjoy the sun.

We spend most of our downtime here in Madrid at a local park called Buen Retiro. It’s only about a ten minute walk from our house and we go there frequently to sit by the lake, grab some ice cream, listen to a swing band, or set up our hammock and read a book! It’s really nice to balance those tiring sight-seeing days with a more laid back day here and there.



Palacio de Cristal in Buen Retiro Park


Hammock lounging in the park

Another park we visited was called Casa de Campo. We rented a little row boat and had so much fun paddling around the lake. It was a beautiful day and so peaceful on the water.


It was quiet and peaceful until we were a little too distracted with the selfie stick and ran right into a barrier around a giant fountain. The fixed oars on our boat then got stuck under the barrier and suffice it to say… there was a little panic and yelling for a few minutes. 🙂

Just added to the adventure 😉

See that metal rope barrier around the fountain!? We are about to be IN it!

Another green space in the city is right outside of the Royal Palace. These Royal Gardens are large, but mostly manicured lawns and sections of forest. We loved the rose garden and little secret passageways!






We love that Madrid has so many parks and green spaces mixed in with their public squares and general city life. We are really loving it here and are soaking in the sun!

No food or silly shots to leave you with today, so here is a little rowing video 🙂


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