Horseshoe Bend

Did you find yourself in Page, Arizona? You’ve already hit Antelope Canyon and you are looking for the next amazing landscape?


Not too much to write about this landmark, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Horseshoe Bend is a 3/4 mile hike from the parking lot and ends at the most amazing drop in the Earth. The whole in the Earth is filled by the Colorado River wrapping around a massive monolith. The beauty is astounding. It’s a must see.

A couple tips I wish I had known before photographing-

  1. You NEED a wide angle lens. The GoPro was much more helpful than the DSLR. The way the view is, you can’t get it all in the lens in one shot. My favorite shot of Horseshoe Bend is at the top of this post; a multi-image composite, water-marked because of it’s fabulousness.
  2. Find the right time of day! We only had about an hour to spend here, so we had to suck it up and stick out the terrible light. The light would be much better if it was behind you and shining onto the scene itself. I also think we went at the wrong time of year to get the perfect light (we were there in November.)





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