The Art of Adventure

Recently, a good friend of ours gave us a notebook. He said he was asking everyone to write an excerpt about “The Art of _____.” The topic was ours for the choosing and we could write as little or as much as we wanted.  He was putting together a collection of thoughts and musings from friends, I assume just to get to know people and their thoughts a little bit more.

Brad and I eventually settled on “The Art of Adventure” and I decided to share the brief excerpt here as it pertains to a mindset that we share often on the blog.  Whether you love it or hate it, we actually enjoyed getting our thoughts onto paper and thought maybe it would inspire someone to try a little something new. Here goes.


Seek it. Find it. Make it. Experience it. Document it. ADVENTURE.

What is adventure?

To the homebody, adventure may be trying a new restaurant or making a new friend.

To the thrill-seeker, adventure is jumping from a cliff, an airplane, a trapeze platform, or a high-dive.1471387_10204111730024933_389151600754587516_n

To the romantic, adventure is asking out the girl of your dreams and basking in the glow of new love.

Adventure is a feeling.  It is the ache in your legs when summiting a mountain. It is the drop of your stomach when picking up your downhill pace.  It is the absolute loss of speech and breath that occurs when rounding a corner and being utterly stunned by what lies ahead.

Adventure is the burning desire to never stop seeing, exploring, and learning about other cultures and ways of life. It is the insatiable thirst for something exciting.  It is venturing out to explore your country, your city, your backyard … finding a new hike, a new landscape, a new perspective.10306320_10201884365422210_8474591986484256657_n

Adventure is the release from the mundane.  It is stepping out of your comfort zone, either just a little, or a whole lot, and trying something new.  It may take a little risk and open-mindedness, but it will reward you with a life full of wonder, intrigue, optimism, and LOVE.

This is the “art of adventure.” Go get some.


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