An Emphasis on Experiences

My husband Brad and I have been married for three and a half years now. From the moment we said “I DO,” it has been an adventure!  We travel as much as we can and are always seeking out new experiences and new places to explore.IMG_3102

We often have people tell us “You are so lucky you get to travel” or “I am so jealous you try new, fun things.”

Although a sweet sentiment, Brad and I are often confused by these comments.  We aren’t “lucky” we “get” to travel- we weren’t handed these opportunities. We work hard, pinch every penny, research and plan, and then we are able to travel.  We sometimes have to bail when invited out with our friends, we never see movies in the theatre, and we tend to choose free weekend activities as entertainment.

I say this not from a defensive standpoint- but from one of encouragement!  We are two young professionals trying to make it in our careers, but still find ways to save money to experience what is really important to us. YOU CAN TOO!  Instead of getting the newest phone that just came out, use that money and take a weekend hiking trip.  Instead of dinner out twice a week- cut it to once a week and save the extra funds for a trip to a new city.

It’s all about priorities.  Everyone skimps on some things to allow for splurging on others! For some of our friends, priorities lie in nicer clothes or finer foods- and that’s ok! But for our family, we tend to skimp on dining out and new material items and put our emphasis on experiences. If seeing the world and experiencing new things is something you yearn to do, you can easily make it work by simply shifting your priorities!

BryceCanyonNtlPark_047Since we have been married, Brad and I moved from our hometown of Richmond, Virginia across the country to Salt Lake City, Utah.  Since being out west, we have tried our best to see everything possible!  We have hiked up and down the Wasatch Front, gambled in Vegas, relaxed in Jackson Hole, WY, ventured down into the Grand Canyon, stood underneath waterfalls in Portland, OR, squeezed through slot canyons in Arizona, and collected sanddollars on coastline of San Francisco. I could list about 12 other cities, but you get my point.

None of these tripIMG_3263s were extravagant or expensive.  We stay at cheap hotels, we pack our own breakfasts and lunches from home, and we drive most places to save on airline costs.  But who cares how nice our hotel room was!? We are out there seeing new places, experiencing new areas, and growing closer as a couple.

Back in 2012, we discussed our dreams and our goals.  Instead of leaving them there in that discussion, we developed a plan and an attitude that would help us actually accomplish them! And we are just getting started!


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